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We’re EpiLink, based in central Illinois and created in response to the Covid-19 pandemic . Every day, we work with community stakeholders interested in controlling and containing the spread of disease.  Success during this unprecedented time requires new ideas and partnerships that can make a difference. 

Our community focused organization has years of Epidemiology and Infection Control experience and we understand that our success is measured by the prosperity and health of the communities in which we operate. When you join us, you’ll get immediate access to mentorship from industry experts, assistance in disease control and response, and more. Get in touch today.

COVID-911 Services

Alexander Bowers

Chief Epidemiologist

Working as an Epidemiologist in both the Public Health and Hospital sectors, Alex provides a unique prospective and valuable experience to the team. As a county epidemiologist Alex has been involved in disease surveillance, data analysis, disease outreach/education, and outbreak response and management.  Currently, Alex is the acting infection control practitioner for a health department Covid-19 Community Outbreak Response Team that works with community stakeholders to mitigate and respond to Covid-19 clusters and/or outbreaks.

In the hospital setting Alex works as the lone epidemiologist within a 14 hospital healthcare system that services populations spanning from Chicago to St. Louis.  This opportunity has allowed Alex to be engaged in the development of disease surveillance and reporting systems, participate in Covid-19 research, assist in developing disease impact analytical models, as well as work closely with infectious disease physicians and infection control practitioners engaged in patient care.

His experience is supplemented by years of infection control work in both the long term and acute care settings. During which time Alex was responsible for establishing facility wide infection control plans, performing disease surveillance and reporting, and providing staff with education and guidance on current industry best practices and evidence based infection control strategies.


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